Content on the way...

Hi there! I'm excited to share some great news with you all. We have just completed a whopping 15 songs and are now gearing up to record them. But that's not all! We also have lyrics written for over 80+ additional songs, so there's plenty more music to come.


In addition to our musical progress, we have some visual treats in store for you. We've got some amazing photos of our live performances that we can't wait to share. You'll get a glimpse of the feeling and excitement we bring to the stage.


But that's not all! We're also documenting our journey in the studio, capturing the behind-the-scenes moments and the progress we're making. So, you'll get an exclusive look at how our songs come to life.


And if that's not enough, we're even working on putting together some videos of our live performance. You'll be able to experience the thrill of our show from the comfort of your own screen.


Stay tuned for all these exciting updates! We can't wait to share our music, photos, and videos with you. Thank you for your support!

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