A Busy Week of Music: Writing, New Gear, and Impromptu Performances

This week has been a whirlwind of musical creativity and exciting experiences. From writing new songs to acquiring some fantastic gear, our journey as musicians has taken a leap forward. Join us as we recount the highlights of our busy week and share our excitement as we approach the milestone of 20 original songs ready to be performed.


Our creative juices were flowing this week as we dedicated time to writing new songs. With each melody and lyric, we delved deeper into our musical vision, crafting unique pieces that reflect our emotions and experiences. The process of songwriting is truly a labor of love, and we are thrilled to see our repertoire expanding.


In addition to our songwriting endeavors, we had the pleasure of acquiring some new gear that will undoubtedly enhance our musical journey. A new Fender guitar has found its way into our hands, bringing a fresh sound and inspiration to our performances. Its smooth playability and rich tones have already sparked new ideas and added depth to our existing songs.


But that's not all – we also invested in a new Fender practice amp, which has revolutionized our rehearsal sessions. This portable and versatile amp allows us to fine-tune our sound anywhere, making practice sessions more convenient and efficient. With this new addition, we can now rehearse with ease, ensuring that our performances are nothing short of exceptional.


As if our week couldn't get any more exciting, we had the opportunity to showcase our talent at a new (to us) venue in Benson. In an impromptu moment of musical magic, we took the stage and treated the audience to a few of our original songs. The energy in the room was palpable, and the positive feedback we received only fueled our determination to continue pursuing our musical dreams.


As we reflect on this busy week, we can't help but feel a sense of accomplishment and optimism. With our growing collection of original songs, the addition of new gear, and the thrill of impromptu performances, our musical journey is reaching new heights. We are grateful for the opportunities that have come our way and excited to share our passion with the world. Stay tuned as we continue to create, perform, and make our mark in the music industry.

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